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extensions de cheveux

Our extensions have full tips and without crotch, up to the hips, or longer depending on your size. These are natural hair of Brazilian and Russian origin.

Our hair extensions Lar 21 by Tatiana exclusively offers you a luxury product democratized by stars and reality TV. 

The installation and maintenance of hair extensions is advisable to tie your hair in a braid to sleep. Extension hair can be colored, brushed and treated just like your own hair.

With extensions you will have length and you will also have unlimited choice to attach your hair; braids, ponytails, or buns. They are suitable for all women regardless of age and style.


All Lar 21 by Tatiana extensions benefit from a protective treatment. You can color, straighten, curl, and work on your extensions, but bleaching is highly inadvisable since in addition to removing pigment, it can remove all or part of the protective treatment from the hair and cause a result. not desired. 


Which care to choose for your extensions?

We recommend using gentle, natural treatments that are suitable for the treated hair. The application of care, once or twice a week will allow you to preserve the softness, shine and silky appearance of your extensions. 

Nutritious and revitalizing care will allow your extensions to be nourished like your own hair and to retain their original shine. And thus will optimize the longevity of use of your extensions.

How to wash your hair extensions?
In order to prepare your extensions for shampoos, we recommend that you brush them systematically before wetting. Then wash your extensions with lukewarm water starting at the base of the extensions and gradually going down to the tips. Rinsing at a low temperature will allow the cuticles to close slightly and keep your extensions soft.

Regarding the shampoos to use, the range of shampoos offered by Lar 21 Extension has been tested, controlled and approved on all the extensions of the Exclusive and Luxe ranges, for results that are both satisfactory and constant. The compositions of these shampoos correspond perfectly to the treatment applied to the extensions, and provide them with all the nutrients and benefits necessary for prolonged use.

However, if you wish to use other shampoos, we recommend that you use ultra-mild shampoos, without paraben or sulphate (and preferably with a neutral pH) so as to preserve as much as possible the protective treatment present on the hair. hair composing your extensions. 

Choose to air dry as often as possible, or use your hair dryer at a moderate temperature and at a distance of about 20cm from your extensions.

A few precautions to take for your hair?

Take the time before combing your hair to brush your hair meticulously, starting with the tips and then going up to the heights of your extensions. The use of a special extension brush   is recommended, in order to avoid exerting too much pressure on the attachment points.

It is quite possible to smooth, wave, curl or even curl your extensions. We simply recommend that you apply a few drops of heat protectant to preserve the hair cuticles. Also avoid applying your iron within 5cm of the keratin attachment points of your extensions.

How many grams are needed?

  • For volume: 80 to 150 grams is enough to thicken your hair, or add hair mass to a medium or tapered haircut.

  • To add length: 200 to 300 grams adds length to a shorter cut or a plunging bob for example.


Are guaranteed by Lar 21.

Adhesive strips (Tape)

Tape extensions are fast, very discreet and reusable techniques.

They are mainly aimed at women in a hurry. Tape-in extensions are undetectable and blend seamlessly with your hair. You can run your hand over your head without even feeling them!

The strands are light and their weight is dispersed over a large number of hairs, there is no need for heat. Adhesive extension is a gentle extension method!

It must be reassembled every 4 to 6 weeks. Thanks to the superior quality of our hair, you can keep it between 1 and 2 years.

Micro-keratin and Nano micro-keratin
Natural keratin hair extensions (heat applied) are the most common and classic extensions. The flat keratin attachment points allow a simple, fast and discreet application of the locks, in particular thanks to the quality and the unique lightness of the Italian keratin used. 

Shaped by hand and perfectly proportioned by our technicians, the keratin locks provide an incomparable feeling of lightness and guarantee a pose without any risk for your own hair.

The dots are so small and fine that they can, if the pose is perfectly executed, become almost imperceptible. 
Very invisible result.

Micro-link and Weft (Weaving)
This technique by micro ring without glue, without keratin, without heat, undetectable, clean, homogeneous and neat, has the same positive aspects as the nano extensions and is available in several colors in order to merge perfectly with the root.

The micro extensions are lined with an internal protective silicone for an installation of extensions without any danger for your hair and can thus be worn permanently by chaining the poses without ever finding yourself without your extensions.

These extensions have a lifespan of 4 to 6 months depending on the speed of hair growth, the maintenance provided and the original thickness.

Clip in extensions 

Clip-in extensions are worn as desired, very easy to apply and remove, they are an alternative to permanent extensions or between two permanent extensions.

They are for all those who want to change their look instantly for a party, a wedding,... and take them off every day.

In kit or individually, all our clip extensions are made to measure, we advise you on the quantity needed, we teach you how to apply them on your own and we make the cut so that you only have to apply them. easily at home.


We also offer clip-on bangs to add the finishing touch to your look.

Baby Extensions (Fusion)

The very latest in cold technology is the Lar 21 Invisible Extension!

Nano hair extensions are the smallest type of extension available in France but also around the world where it is unanimously nicknamed the invisible extension!

This revolutionary glue method hides easily in your hair due to its tiny size. This method is comfortable to wear, easy to style and reusable over and over again. Absolutely no melted glue, no heat, no braiding or yarn in your hair is needed for this clean, seamless, neat technique and comes in multiple colorways to blend seamlessly with the root.

The nano extensions are very invisible for an installation of extensions without any danger for your hair and can thus be worn permanently by chaining the poses without ever finding yourself without your extensions.

These extensions have a lifespan of 4 to 6 months depending on the speed of hair growth, the maintenance provided and the original thickness.

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