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What is that ?

Aesthetic and paramedical micropigmentation, popularly called definitive makeup, is a skin pigmentation process in which you can define and / or correct facial features and shapes or soften imperfections and even out skin colors on the face or the body.


How is it made?

A device called a dermograph is used, which has a needle at its end.   The pigment is applied to the first layer of the skin on the epidermis.


In which parts of the body can micropigmentation be performed?
Eyebrows, eyes, lips, on scars, vitiligo areas and for areola reconstruction (in case of breast reconstruction).


Is the procedure painless?
It depends on individual sensitivity. An anesthetic is used before and during the procedure to avoid any discomfort.


How long does micropigmentation last?

From 6 months to 6 years depending on several factors such as:

  • complexions;

  • Pigment tones - The lighter the shade, the shorter the duration;

  • Depth - The professional can deepen the needle less to reduce its duration;

  • Bleaching treatment (use of acids);



  • Before healing, it is contraindicated to use makeup on the area, which is sensitive to external agents.

  • It is important to perform asepsis and lubrication. We will indicate the appropriate products.

  • Do not expose yourself to the sun.


Advantages :

  • Younger, defined and expressive appearance;

  • Well-being from waking up to bedtime, in work and leisure activities, swimming pool, beach, gym, parties, etc. ;

  • Save time (avoid makeup) and quality of life;

  • Rescue of self-esteem.


Is it possible to remove micropigmentation?

If the patient is not satisfied with the result of the micropigmentation, there are some options to reverse the procedure, such as laser sessions or the application of neutralized pigment to partially remove the one used in the treatment.

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