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The diode laser dominates the hair removal industry, as this enhanced 810nm monochromatic beam of light transmits high light energy and heat to specific tissues (hairs), leaving healthy skin intact. Nowadays, diode laser technology, thanks to the wavelength produced (810 nm), is the most suitable for hair removal.

The optimization of your session will be complete by respecting the following instructions:

  • Shave the hair the day before the session to facilitate the concentration of energy on the hair follicle.

  • Show up without a tan in order to present the best possible contrast between the skin and the color of the hair.

  • Respecting the treatment schedule and the spacing between sessions are recommended so as to affect all the hairs in the area in the growth phase.

  • Do not bleach the hair so that the laser shot can be guided by the melanin of the hair.

  • Do not epilate the hair either with tweezers or depilatory cream so that the hair appears normally when the laser passes.


As always, the number of sessions varies according to the hairiness, the area to be treated, the skin phototype.
In women, certain areas are hormone-dependent, such as the face or the bust, unlike the legs or the armpits. Hormone-dependent areas will therefore require more sessions to be completely depilated because regrowth is regularly stimulated by hormones. Maintenance sessions may be required. For other areas, the result will be final between 4 and 8 sessions.
In men, hair growth is more stimulated. Permanent hair removal is therefore longer and not always 100% complete. The Diode laser is an ideal laser in this context, because it allows a very good quality of hair removal by eliminating the greatest number of hairs.

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