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Balayage is a widely used technique for creating faded, mark-free locks. The discoloration is light to moderate, with an opening of 2 to 4 tones.


Suitable for: People who like highlights without marking, with a more subtle contrast and without much maintenance.


Colors used: Almond, Copper, Honey, Caramel, Light Gold, Beige. However, the color will depend on the result of the wick test.


Pre and post hair care: Weekly treatments, especially the post-deco week, to keep hair healthy, shiny and soft.

We recommend doing 1 or 2 deep hydrations/rebuilds a week before highlights to strengthen and prep hair for fading.

After the highlights, we advise you to do 1 to 2 hydrations / deep reconstructions in the week after the highlights, in addition to the use of specific products for hair with highlights.


Touch-up Scans: Every 4-6 months or when you think it's needed.
Color Maintenance: Dye every 10 or 20 days to maintain vibrant color.
Total duration of the procedure: on average 5-6 hours, depending on the size and volume of the hair.


Remarks :

  • If the wick test fails, either because of the fragility of the hair, or because it did not arrive in the color desired by the customer, the amount of 15€ will be invoiced._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

  • The color that will prevail will be the one that opens with the wick test.   If you don't open the desired shade on the lightening foundation (FC), another shade that can be done on the hair (by opening the wick test) will be decided.


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